Thin stones with wide applications

Natstone plates are enduring and hard to break under normal usage and can be made from most natural stones like granite, marble, diabase, limestone etc.

Thanks to the unique thin cut quality, Natstone can be used in a great variety of applications; exterior cladding; flooring; decoration; tile substitute; kitchen and furniture cladding and constructions where the weight of materials is of concern for instance in elevators and boats.

Natstone can be used for high quality flooring with less recources neded in the entire process. In do-it-yourself flooring products as well as efficient, time and cost saving restoring of existing floors. 

With a thickness of only 4 mm, Natstone makes stone cladding accessible for a great variety of applications.

Weight sensitive applications
Natstone opens the door for the use of stone in architectural challenging applications. An example is interior design where weight is a crusial quality - such as boats and elevators.

Natstone in short:

  • Natsones are thin but enduring and hard to break under normal usage
  • The production method also make the plates resistant to dirt
  • The light-weight enable new applications for natural stone
  • Natstone is easy to use and apply. Plates can be applied directly on flooring, facades and roofs, indoor decorations and furniture and as well as on backboards with the same coefficient of expansion as the Natstone plate. Thick backing materials are not necessary. Instead, Natstones are attached using mortar or adhesives.
  • Natural stone with less environmental impact. The Natstone process can utilize more than 50 % of the raw material and significantly reduce emissions during transportation due to light weight and space efficiency.
  • Natstone simplifies a renovation process by allowing new thin plates to be laid on top of the old flooring.