Just giving nature a helping hand...

The Natstone method can be divided into three main steps. First, tensions inside the stone are removed. These naturally occurring tensions make the stone brittle especially when cut in thin slices. Second, the strength of the stone is built and constructed in a controlled way. Third, the stone is cut and polished with customized cutting and polishing machinery resulting in a tough and flexible thinly cut stone plate.

Weighs an eighth of a conventional plate
The Natstone method facilitates the cutting, treatment and polishing of natural stones like granite, marble, diabase, and limestone into a variety of sizes. The Natstone method enhances the properties of natural stone and makes it possible to cut 4 mm thick stone plates for different usages. Conventional stones cutting techniques produce stone with a thickness of 10-30 mm which naturally is much heavier. A 4 mm thick Natstone plate weighs, for instance, an eighth of a 30 mm thick exterior cladding plate made in natural stone.

Environmental benefits
Natstone products fulfill all environmental standards and regulations. Natstone products are made of natural material and have a low weight which means that they are easy to handle and fire-resistive. The lower weight and lower volume also translates into more effective transportation alternatives. The utilization rate is materially higher than with conventional cutting methods. The Natstone process can utilize more than 50 % of the raw material.